Why your children will love coming to our classes

Unique methods:

Learning a new language could be very difficult for younger children by using a text book or flash cards only,  same with learning math could be very abstract and boring as well, but with the stimulating, engaging and well structured environment and using the innoviative methods the process is infiinitely easier and more fun.

In LLMS, we not only use traditonal method through songs, rhymes, fun games, art and craft and many other enjoyable activities to capture children’s interests and attention whilst learning Mandarin, but also we combine selected quality  Montessori materials  and rich Chinese culture activities for children to play with it. It will make  Learning Mandarin  become more enjoyable, meaningful and more practical through this method

The way we teach:

Simple to complex

We follow the simple to complex principle, it helps children to be confident to conquest and master Mandarin.

Words- short sentences- long sentences- reading-writing

Gain a wide range of practical vocabulary

It is important for children to learn lots of different words in  lots of different contexts when learning a new language.

To make this happen, we provide Montessori materials and other Chinese culture resources which help children gain a wide range of practical vocabulary including pracrical life,  sensorial, math, science, language  culture,  art and craft .etc. to capture the attention, interest and enthusiasm of your child whilst learning Mandarin.

Individual attention

we talk about things when your child’s doing, for example, when your child building a pink tower (sensorial apparatus), he/she will be taught the words including mat, pink, tower, cube, one by one, verticaly, pick up, on the top, grap .etc. in 10 words & more. Which help children get better understanding and the words will be  more meaningful for them. You will be amazed to see  how effective your child will pick up  Mandarin through this way.


 The best way to help your child to learn Mandarin is to talk to them  natually and encourage them to respond back. In our relaxing environment, children will always be encouraged to practice to communicate. When we talk to them, we give them a turn and wait for their respond in which will help them to build up a confidence in speaking Mandarin and enjoy it.


Learn-practice-review in  each session


Our teachers are highly qualified and experienced with passion working with children. They consider their jobs as most rewarding by seeing the children making progress and fulfill their potential in Mandarin and maths. They hope to plant a joy of learning Mandarin and math from an early age.

Our teachers are all First Aider, DBS checked.

All our teachers are native Chinese speakers who speak standard Mandarin.

“It is greater work to educate a child , in the true and larger sense of the world, than to rule the state.” – William Ellery Channing

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